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Type Definitions

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    • Identifier string—A valid UTF-8 Unicode sequence. Each identifier starts with a letter (Unicode general category L), followed by zero or more letters (Unicode general category L), numbers (Unicode general category N), marks (Unicode general category M), and punctuation connectors (Unicode general category Pc).
    • Time string—A valid UTF-8 Unicode sequence that matches the following regular expression: \s*\d+\s*[us|µs|ms|s|min|hr|day]\s*, where \s means any spacing character (Unicode general category Z, and the vertical tab, newline, horizontal tab, form feed, and carriage return characters) and \d means any decimal digit (Unicode general category Nd).
    • High/Low string—A string that is either high or low.
    • Boolean string—A string that is either true or false.
    • OutputDrive string—A string that is either true, false, passthrough, or flash.

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