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I/O Configuration Table

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    The I/O Configuration table allows you to configure parameters for all inputs, outputs, variables, and faults on the C Series Functional Safety module.

    Figure 1. I/O Configuration Table
    1. Faults table
    2. Variables table
    3. Analog inputs table
    4. Digital outputs table
    5. Digital inputs table
    6. Add variable button
    7. Detailed documentation button

    A new functional safety program opens to the I/O Configuration table for the NI 9350, showing only the digital output and digital input tables.

    • To create a functional safety program for the NI 9351, select NI 9351 from the NI safety module pull-down menu on the Module and Diagram tab. This will add the analog input table to the I/O Configuration.
    • To switch between the I/O Configuration table and the state machine diagram, press <Ctrl-E> or click the Switch View button at the top of the state machine tab.
    • To add and populate the variable table, click the Add variable button at the top of I/O Configuration table. To remove a variable, select the variable in the variable table and click the Remove variable button.
    • To add and populate the Faults table, start configuring inputs and outputs. The Faults table will populate based on the configurations selected.
    • To view an online version of the C Series Functional Safety manual, click the Detailed documentation button.

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