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    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    Offline, Non-Safety Support Tools

    • CompactRIO controller—provides a hardware connection for deploying Safety Programs.
    • LabVIEW—provides a software platform for deploying User Programs.

    Functional Safety System Components

    • C Series Functional Safety module—contains a logic solver that runs User Programs and provides I/O that connects to inputs, final elements, and a power supply.
    • User Program—contains a set of user-defined logic and actions that run in the logic solver. The User Program defines the system's responses to inputs and detected faults.
    • Cabling, sensors, final elements (actuators)—allows the C Series Functional Safety module to connect, monitor, and control safety critical systems.
    • External LPS power supply—powers the C Series Functional Safety module.

    What to Do

    • Install and connect hardware components, including the CompactRIO controller, the C Series Functional Safety module, power supply, cabling, sensors, and final elements (actuators)
    • Use the LabVIEW project to download the User Program to the logic solver on the C Series Functional Safety module while the module is not executing safety functionality.
    • Validate the system by verifying system response to faults and system safety response time.

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