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Creating a Functional Safety Monitoring VI in LabVIEW

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    1. Right-click the Real-Time CompactRIO target item in the Project Explorer window.
    2. Select New»VI from the shortcut menu to open a new VI front panel and block diagram.
    3. Add channels or variables to block diagram to monitor inputs and outputs.
      1. Select the channel or variable nested under the module item in the Project Explorer window.

        Available channels and variables include:

        • Analog input (NI 9351 only)
        • Digital input
        • Digital output
        • State machine variables
        • User-configurable LED
      2. Drag and drop the channel or variable onto the block diagram.
    4. Add the Invoke Node to the block diagram to monitor the module status, diagnostics, set the module mode, or manually start the User Program.
    5. Add the Property Node to the block diagram to monitor the firmware version, User Program GUID, User Program version, or other information about the C Series Functional Safety module.

    For detailed information about using method and variables with C Series Functional Safety modules, open the LabVIEW Help and navigate to NI CompactRIO Device Drivers»Devices»Functional Safety Modules.

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