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Creating a Functional Safety Project in LabVIEW

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    1. Launch LabVIEW.
    2. Click the Create Project button to display the Project Explorer window. You can also select File»New Project to display the Project Explorer window.
    3. Double-click Blank Project.
    4. Right-click the top-level project item in the Project Explorer window and select New»Targets and Devices from the shortcut menu to display the Add Targets and Devices dialog box.
    5. Ensure that the Existing target or device radio button is selected.
    6. Expand Real-Time CompactRIO.
    7. Select the CompactRIO controller to add to the project and click OK.
    8. Click Continue. LabVIEW adds the controller and all the modules to the project.
    9. Click Discover in the Discover C Series Modules? dialog box if it appears.
    10. Select File»Save Project and save the project.

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