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Calculating Safety System Response Times

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    Use the following equation to calculate the total safety response time for your C Series Functional Safety system. Optionally, you can use the times in the C Series Functional Safety Response Time Specifications section.

    Total safety response time = Sensor response time + Input signal response time + Application processing time + Output signal response time + Actuator response time

    1. Calculate the sensor response time. Refer to the Sensor Response Time section.
    2. Calculate the input response time. Refer to the Input Signal Response Time section.
    3. Calculate the diagnostic response time, if applicable. Refer to the Diagnostic Response Time Specifications section.
    4. Determine the application processing time. This is a guaranteed minimum of 60 µs for each state in the defined execution path of the User Program. Refer to the Application Processing Time section.
    5. Add the output signal response time from the Response Time Specifications section.
    6. Calculate the actuator response time. Refer to the Actuator Response Time section.

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