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C Series Functional Safety Modules

    Last Modified: July 10, 2019

    The C Series Functional Safety Module offers SIL 3 certification, according to IEC 61508. The safety logic solver resides inside the module, and you can program it with the included Functional Safety Editor software. The module contains built-in diagnostics that can monitor the status of the hardware as well as the integrity of the connections. You can use these modules to control critical safety functions in manufacturing assembly and test cells, large physical systems tests, conditioned monitoring applications, and process monitoring and control.

    Finding the C Series Functional Safety Manual

    Use the C Series Functional Safety Manual to develop Safety Programs using the Safety Editor and deploy Functional Safety systems using C Series Functional Safety modules.

    C Series Functional Safety Manual PDF
    C Series Functional Safety Online Help

    Finding Documentation for Your Functional Safety Module

    Use this table to find documentation for your module, including PDFs of the Functional Safety Manual, Getting Started Guide, and Datasheet.

    NI 9350 NI 9351

    Downloading Software for Your Functional Safety Module

    Use the following links to download the device drivers and LabVIEW modules for your module.

    Application Software LabVIEW
    LabVIEW Real-Time Module
    Required Drivers NI CompactRIO Drivers
    Functional Safety Editor Functional Safety Editor May 2018
    Functional Safety Editor September 2017

    Understanding the Documentation for Your Functional Safety Module

    Use this reference to discover what documentation is available for your module and how you can use that documentation.

    Document Contents
    Getting Started Guide
    • Safety and Hazardous Locations guidelines and specifications
    • Module pinout and LED indications
    • Installing the connector backshell
    • Connecting an external power supply
    • Connecting signals to the module
    Functional Safety Manual
    • Functional Safety overview
    • Installing Functional Safety tools
    • Developing a Functional Safety system
    • Deploying a Functional Safety system
    • Using the Functional Safety Editor
    • Understanding diagnostics on the module
    • I/O characteristics
    • Power requirements
    • Physical characteristics
    • Safety voltages
    • Safety and environmental specifications
    • Functional Safety certification and failure rates
    Functional Safety Known Issues Contains the known issues with NI Functional Safety Editor.
    Product Certifications Information about regulatory standards and certifications met by the controller
    Letter of Volatility Specifications for volatile and non-volatile memory on the controller
    Model Documentation Pages

    Use the links in the Table of Contents on the left to access:

    • Pinouts
    • LED indications
    • Block diagrams
    • Specifications

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