Audio Test Solution by CIM.AS

As the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices grows worldwide, many electronics products now feature voice-command user interfaces. This presents new acoustic and audio functional test challenges. Test teams must follow the new product introduction schedule, meet extended test coverage requirements, and maximize high-volume/high-mix production test throughput with multiple devices under test (DUTs) and revisions. Using an audio and acoustic test solution offers test teams:


  • Flexibility and long-term support by providing complete coverage for current and future test requirements
  • Measurement accuracy to ensure confidence in test results with correct fixturing, measurements, and analysis 
  • Streamlined deployment that fits into manufacturing processes to meet development, integration, and deployment deadlines and budgets

Solution Overview

  • Generation and analysis capabilities with analog in and out support
  • Step types integrated into NI TestStand
  • Support for multihardware platforms with no hardware programming needed
  • Ability to automatically perform a wide variety of measurements tailored to various test types
  • Real-time viewing of data (live view)

“In CIM.AS, our team found a group of engineers who specialized in production and acoustical testing and were willing to spend the time to understand the needs of our business, our application, and our test coverage. Together with NI, they provided tools and consultation that kept us at the cutting edge of technology and supported our goals.”

Csaba Fodor, Test Engineer, GN Audio

NI Partner Network

CIM.AS is an NI Partner Network solutions partner specializing in computer and electronic engineering for automated test and automated measurement, acoustical test, the IoT, medical systems, and vision systems.

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