Introduction to FieldDAQ


From off-highway vehicles to aircraft wings, electromechanical systems and components require thorough validation testing with reliable hardware that can withstand the most severe test cell and outdoor environments whether in rain, sleet, snow, or mud. The rugged, dust- and water-resistant FieldDAQ device from NI is TSN-enabled for simplified distribution into these harsh environments.


Rugged Design

With FieldDAQ, you can take accurate measurements as close to your sensor as possible under a full range of environmental conditions. An ingress protection rating of IP65 and IP67 makes FieldDAQ dust-proof and resistant to water submersion and jet spray downs. It can operate in -40 °C to 85 °C environments while dissipating heat through passive cooling, eliminating fragile moving parts such as fans. The device uses standard, industrial connectors to prevent cables from detaching during operation even up to 100 g shock and 10 grms conditions. It offers channel-to-channel isolation up to 1000 V, which removes noise from ground loops and protects instrumentation circuitry from high transient voltages.

Figure 1. Spend less time preparing instrumentation for the rigors of field testing with ingress protection up to IP67, -40 °C to 85 °C temperature range, and 100 g shock and 10 grms vibration resistance.


Synchronized, Distributed Architecture

FieldDAQ supports Gigabit Ethernet and incorporates Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). TSN is the next evolution of the IEEE 802.1 Ethernet standard, providing extremely tight synchronization over a distributed network of DAQ nodes without additional cabling or complex programming. All common network topologies—line, ring, and star—are easily achieved with FieldDAQ. To make line and ring topologies even easier, each FieldDAQ device has an integrated network switch and built-in power circuitry to daisy chain multiple units together, so you don’t need external switches or multiple power supplies in your system.

Figure 2. Easily expand your system with an integrated network switch and built-in power circuitry for simple daisy chaining.

Accurate Sensor Measurements

FieldDAQ combines sensor-specific signal conditioning, connectivity, and digitization to directly interface to common sensors and signals such as thermocouples, strain gages, and more. FieldDAQ offers models with resolution up to 24 bits and simultaneous sampling rates up to 100 kS/s to detect and acquire full range signals with varying amplitudes and bandwidths. FieldDAQ also includes premium signal conditioning and diagnostic features, such as built-in configurable filtering, open thermocouple detection, and shunt calibration to reduce the effect of external interference and increase measurement accuracy.

Figure 3. Directly interface to common sensors through integrated signal conditioning and connectivity.

NI-DAQmx Software

FieldDAQ is controlled by the NI-DAQmx driver, which works directly with a variety of development options including LabVIEW, C, C#, Python, and others. The NI-DAQmx driver automatically synchronizes multiple FieldDAQ devices, simplifying different networking topologies. This means you add more measurements to your system simply by connecting additional devices. The driver provides access to help files, documentation, and dozens of ready-to-run shipping examples you can use as a starting point for your application. Additionally, the NI-DAQmx driver API is the same API used for all NI DAQ products, so you can minimize redevelopment efforts when hardware changes or upgrades occur.

Figure 4. NI-DAQmx driver software automatically synchronizes multiple devices across a distributed network.

Open and Expandable NI Platform

FieldDAQ is built on NI’s open, software-centric platform and expands the NI TSN product ecosystem. You can customize the setup of your system by effortlessly connecting and synchronizing FieldDAQ with other TSN products, such as Industrial Controllers, CompactDAQ, and CompactRIO to acquire, visualize, and analyze real-world signals to make data-driven decisions.

Figure 5. Expand your FieldDAQ solution with other TSN products.