InsightCM 3.4-3.6 Windows 10 Support


InsightCM 3.4-3.6 supports Windows 10, with some restricted functionality. NI does not recommend using Windows 10 for servers with more than 10 devices connected. InsightCM 3.4-3.6 installed on Windows 10 differs in the following ways:
  • Updating and deploying device applications is not supported. The Replication and Deployment (RAD) Utility must be used to install device applications. Device Images can be found in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\InsightCM Server 3.0\Device Images.
  • The Software tab on the Device Configuration page is not present. NI MAX can be used to check the application version currently installed on a device. Alternatively, you can access the device’s web interface by using its IP address in Internet Explorer: http://<ip address>/. Microsoft Silverlight must be installed to view the web interface.
  • The Deployment Status and Package Management pages are not available.

Adding devices, updating configurations, managing connections, and anything else not mentioned above is supported on Windows 10.