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Understand workspaces, roles, and privileges in SystemLink to organize your data and tailor SystemLink Web Application to different types of users.

Rename a DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, Analysis Automation, or Federation instance if you want to assign a different name to the instance.

Develop interactive reports with Jupyter notebooks. Use the reports to visualize and analyze your test and measurement data and asset management.

Restore a DataFinder, Data Preprocessor, or an Analysis Automation instance from a backup file to reuse this instance.

Scan or process the files in the raw data areas of a Data Preprocessor instance manually if the automated process is deactivated, if the file system scan didn't work properly, or if you need to process ...

The SystemLink 2020 R2 Manual contains step-by-step instructions and reference information that enable you to manage systems, deploy packages, leverage data services to communicate with your SystemLink ...

SystemLink enables your team to accomplish its systems management, asset management, test management, and data management tasks with a variety of software applications and add-ons.

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