Distributed Systems Webcast Series

The need for engineers to make data-driven decisions quickly is increasing the importance of high-quality measurements in monitoring and control applications. These applications require more processing, measurements over longer distances, and faster control loop rates to maximize operations. Centralized monitoring and control systems can become costly or even unviable when trying to keep pace with these constantly advancing requirements. To meet these needs, National Instruments provides a distributed architecture to move the measurement and processing system closer to the source. Register now for each event below to learn about distributed systems and how you can implement these architectures.

  • Learn what a distributed system is and how it can benefit you
  • Understand what you can do now to prepare for the future
  • Explore how to augment your distributed system by adding intelligence

Distributed Systems Webcast Series

Why You Should Move to a Distributed Architecture

Distributed measurement and control systems offer several benefits over their traditional centralized counterparts including reduced cost and increased measurement accuracy. Discover why you should move to distributed systems and learn the five key considerations when building a distributed system.

Presenter: Doug Farrell, National Instruments

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Future Proofing Your System

Learn how to protect your measurement and control system investment against changing requirements.  This webcast will discuss the four key tenants of building a future proof system to preserve your existing investment and save future integration time and cost.

Presenters: Doug Farrell, National Instruments

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Adding Intelligence to Distributed Systems

Distributed systems can become even more powerful by adding intelligence to the system. Learn what intelligent distributed systems are, and  why they are important. Also explore the different levels of these systems, examples of applications requiring these systems, and the strategies used to solve these applications.

Presenter: Brian Phillippi, National Instruments

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How to Implement Distributed Control

There are many choices to consider when implementing distributed control systems. Hear from an expert on the trade-offs and considerations in selecting hardware and building the software architecture, and then see how those choices can be implemented in a large distributed control system.

Presenter: Robert Hoffman, Signal.X Technologies LLC

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