Accurate Measurements With High-Quality DAQ Hardware

The first step in getting to the right decision is to acquire accurate measurements. Avoid missing critical data with the widest selection of high-quality DAQ hardware, which features high-accuracy analog designs, integrated signal conditioning, and precision timing for any sensor or signal. Read extensive product agnostic information on architecting a successful and accurate system in the NI Complete Guide to Building a Measurement System.

Quality Hardware Design

Acquiring accurate measurements is the first step in getting to the right decision. NI’s hardware is designed, tested, and calibrated to the highest standards, resulting in products that are accurate, durable and dependable.

NI Integrated Signal Conditioning

Every additional system component increases the likelihood of error. NI hardware includes built-in signal conditioning and connectivity for any sensor and signal, which ensures more accurate measurements and reduces total system cost. With sensor specific I/O, you don’t need to build and maintain custom signal conditioning hardware.

I/O and Platform Options

Avoid paying for unneeded functionality. NI provides the widest selection of data acquisition hardware ranging from low-cost devices to high performance, modular systems for measuring any signal or sensor type, ensuring you can select hardware to match your application requirements and budget.

NI Timing and Synchronization

NI hardware provides advanced timing, triggering, and synchronization so you can tailor timing for each signal and sensor, which means you don’t miss critical data and capture only the data you need. This functionality is quickly configured in software for easy customization.

Options for an Accurate and Customized Measurement System

Low-Channel-Count, Single DAQ Devices

Find low-cost options for multifunction or single measurements. Buses include USB, Ethernet, PCI, PCI Express, and WiFi.

Multifunction DAQ

Medium-Channel-Count, Modular DAQ System

See mixed-measurement systems for medium-sized applications. The rugged, portable form factor includes direct sensor connectivity. Available on USB, Ethernet, and WiFi as well as with stand-alone options.


High-Channel-Count, Modular DAQ System

Receive industry-leading performance and accuracy with best-in-class synchronization for large systems. Choose from stand-alone operation or remote control options.