TestStand 2014 SP1 f1 Patch Details

The TestStand 2014 SP1 f1 patch resolves the issues outlined in the table below. National Instruments recommends this patch for all TestStand 2014 SP1 installations. You can install the patch through NI Update Service or you can download it directly through the following Drivers and Updates page:

Drivers & Updates: NI TestStand 2014 SP1 f1 Patch (32-bit)

Drivers & Updates: NI TestStand 2014 SP1 f1 Patch (64-bit)

ID Description
543915 Using cross-process TestStand synchronization objects may cause a hang if the SequenceContext parameter is not provided
541373 File Differ may crash when deleting a property from one of the files being compared
537554 Object not set to instance of an object error may occur after canceling shutdown of the TestStand Sequence Editor
535370 The background color of Message Popup buttons cannot be changed
536114 TestStand Deployment Utility will not correctly build a packed project library when code module VIs contain dependencies between vi.lib, user.lib, and/or instr.lib.
546708 TestStand Sequence Editor and UIs take approximately 7 seconds longer to shut down if the LabVIEW 2015 Runtime Engine is installed on the system
549391 Enum values do not appear properly in LabVIEW module parameters when a typedef LabVIEW Tab Control is used
556654 Stepping into Visual Studio 2015 C# and C++ DLLs from TestStand 2014 SP1 64-bit does not work properly
553104 Process model runtime components are not included when the Install TestStand Runtime option is selected for a TestStand deployment
560022 Opening the Select Source window in the TestStand Deployment Utility can cause the TestStand Deployment Utility to become unresponsive