NI InsightCM™ Server 3.0.0f1 Patch Details

This document contains information about all patches available for NI InsightCM™ Server 3.0. All issues fixed in each patch are listed in the tables below. National Instruments strongly recommends that you install the latest patch to all NI InsightCM™ Server installations. 


Issues Fixed in NI InsightCM™ Server 3.0.0f1 Patch


ID Description
616180 Asset Node move selection dialog displays grandparent of selected node first.
625288 Data Page Spectrum-Viewer x-Axis scaling incorrect on non-English OS.
631605 Historian Asset attempting to load too many points on Data page.
633960 Install Path environment variable not configured correctly.
- Asset Speed ratio reversed during InsightCM 2.0 Import Process.
- Alarm configuration on open channel sensors cause trend point collection every 6 seconds.

Drivers and Updates: NI InsightCM™ Server 3.0.0f1 Patch