Licensing Options and Support for NI DAQExpress


Installing DAQExpress

DAQExpress is only supported on 64-bit versions of Windows, and can be installed from the DAQExpress download page, the NI-DAQmx Driver DVD included with supported DAQ hardware, or through the NI Package Manager.

Additional information about known issues, patches, and system compatibility may be found on the readme page.

Logging In to DAQExpress

NI recommends you activate NI DAQExpress. This is completed by signing into the DAQExpress software using your NI user profile information. 

  1. Before downloading DAQExpress, you will be prompted to log in to or create a new user account
  2. Download and install your software,
  3. You will be prompted to log in to DAQExpress upon launching the software for the first time (as in the image below). Log in using the same user information you used when downloading the software.

Logging in provides full functionality from the software free of interruption if you are connected to the Internet. If you disconnect from the Internet, you can continue to use DAQExpress free for three months, after which you will be required to restore your Internet connection and log in again.

Purchasing a License 

DAQExpress is a free companion product to use with NI Data Acquisition hardware, but it does require periodic communication with your user account to maintain its full functionality. If you cannot access the Internet periodically to log in using your profile, you can purchase a license that provides a serial number you can use to activate DAQExpress without logging in. To learn more about purchasing a license of DAQExpress, please contact your local sales office. Note that the offline license is only available for versions 2.0 and earlier.

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