VirtualBench Features for Windows Application and iPad App

The following table specifies features of the VirtualBench Windows application and iPad app. The full specifications can be seen here.

   Windows 16.1  iPad 16.1
 [-] General Features
  Wireless AP Mode
  Wireless Client Mode
Export/Import Options
  Export Data
  Export Screenshot
  Automatically Load Last Used Configuration  ✔
  Export/Import Configurations  
  Demo Mode
  Hands-Free Actions
  Monitor Mode
  Light Theme  
 [-] Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO)
Channel Support
  Analog Channels (2-4)
  Digital Channels (32)  
  Reference Waveforms (2-4)  
  Thumbnail View  
Acquisition Options
  Sample Decimation
  Peak Detect Decimation
  Averaging (Multi-Record)
  Digital Phosphor*  
  XY Mode
Channel Configuration
  Auto Setup
  Enable/Disable Individual Channels
  Custom Channel Names  
  Probe Attenuation
  Coupling (AC, DC, GND)
  DC Offset
  Volt/Div Adjustment Per Channel
  Time/Div Adjustment Per Channel
  20 MHz Bandwidth Limit Filter
     Pulse Width Trigger
  Digital Pattern  
Math Channel Options
Digital Channel Features
  Digital Buses  
  Protocol Analysis (SPI, I2C, parallel)  
  Custom Thresholds  
  Rise Time
  Fall Time
  Positive Duty Cycle
  Negative Duty Cycle
  Cycle RMS
  Peak-to-Peak Amplitude
  Maximum Amplitude
  Minimum Amplitude
  Positive Overshoot
  Negative Overshoot
  Cycle Mean
  Positive Pulse Width
  Negative Pulse Width
  Rise Rate
  Fall Rate
  Measurement Indicators
 [-] Function Generator (FGEN)
Waveform Types
  Constant DC Voltage
  Arbitrary Waveform from File  
Channel Configuration
  Square Waveform Duty Cycle
  Ramp/Triangle Symmetry  ✔
  Automatic Filter Enable/Disable
 [-] Digital Multimeter (DMM)
  DC Voltage
  AC Voltage
  AC Current
  DC Current
  2-Wire Resistance
  Continuity Test (LED and Sound Indicators)
  Diode Testing
Channel Configuration
  Auto Range
  Null Offset
  Configurable Input Impedance  
 [-] DC Power Supply (PWS)
  +6 V @ 1 A
  +25 V @ 0.5 A
  -25 V @ 0.5A
Channel Configuration
  Voltage Limit
  Current Limit
 [-] Digital Input/Output (DIO)
Channel Support
  8 Channels  
  Individually Configurable  


OS Support: Windows 7 SP1 or later, iOS 9 or later (iPad only).

Watch demo videos of the VirtualBench application or download the Windows application or iPad app here.  


*VB-8034 and VB-8054 only.

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