Myoelectric Trainer for NI ELVIS


The QNET Myoelectric trainer is an exciting way to introduce students to biomedical engineering. Students can learn how to control a servo from the contraction of muscles using the principles of electromyography (EMG).


For information to purchase the Quanser QNET Myoelectric Trainer, visit the Product Page.


Real-Life Applications

• Myoelectric prosthetics
• Bioinstrumentation
• Clinical diagnostic tool: identifying neuromuscular diseases
• Assisted control in aircraft
• Unvoiced speech recognition

Key Attributes

• Electromyograph with opto-isolated electrode and a grounding strap
• Electromyograph runs on two AA batteries
• Pulse-width controlled metal gear servo
• QNET board includes signal conditioning circuit and PWM
• Can monitor electromyogram signal at different stages in circuit
• Plug-and-play design facilitates quick and easy lab setup
• Compact and easy to store
• Protective cover to shield the circuitry

Included Curriculum

• Analyzing the electromyogram signal
• Signal conditioning (e.g. FFT and filtering)
• Developing task-based servo control from processed electromyogram

Technical Specifications

Myoelectric Sensor
Analog output +/-5 V

Operating range 4.8-6.0 V
Stall torque 0.294 N.m
Dimensions 2.9x1.3x3.0 cm
Weight 21.9 g

Additional Resources

For information on purchasing Quanser QNET Myoelectric Trainer, visit the Product Page.

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