LTE-V RF Compliance API for LabVIEW

S.E.A. Science & Engineering

The LTE-V RF-Compliance API for LabVIEW provides RF-measurement and validation of RF signals against the 3GPP PC5-based standard in LabVIEW.

The LTE-V RF-Compliance API for LabVIEW is a software add-on that helps you create LabVIEW applications that require RF signal analysis and validation of the 3GPP PC5 standard for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. You can use the add-on to perform measurement functions including spectral mask, carrier leakage, carrier frequency offset (CFO), error vector magnitude (EVM), spectrum flatness, channel power (CHP), occupied bandwidth (OBW), and more. The SEA LTE-V Add-On for LabVIEW - RF-Compliance API supports the TS 36.521-1 and TS 36.521-3 3GPP standards for conformance analysis.