Test Program Development with STS Course

The Test Program Development with STS Course covers configuration of a Semiconductor Test System to communicate with a device under test (DUT).

The Test Program Development with STS Course introduces you to a typical workflow to develop test programs for a new semiconductor device using the Semiconductor Test System (STS).In this course, you will learn how to use STS tester resources interactively to create, modify, execute, and debug test programs with existing code modules to collect test data and test time reports. After this course, you will know how to test program architecture, modify it and configure the execution flow, and use the Create STS Project Tool to create an automated sequence. You will learn how to modify and run test programs, gather data, and generate test reports. The course also covers how to debug devices, signals, and test sequences with debug panels.The Test Program Development with STS Course is recommended for semiconductor test engineers using or evaluating the STS to perform semiconductor production test or high-volume automated device validation.

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