NI Switch Executive Getting Started Demonstrations


Learn how you can use NI Switch Executive to accelerate development and simplify maintenance of your switch system.

Switch Expansion of PXI Switches

Learn how physically combine multiple PXI switches to create a single, larger switch by either joining the rows/columns of PXI matrices (matrix expansion) or by joining the COMs of PXI multiplexers (multiplexer expansion). Using Switch Executive intelligent switch management software, you can create a virtual device to also combine the switches in software, allowing you to easily program the switches as a system, instead of individual modules.

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Configuring a PXI Switch System with Switch Executive

Learn how to use Switch Executive to intelligently manage large or complex PXI-based switch systems. Switch Executive features graphical and automatic switch route configuration options, intuitive channel aliases, and route groups, accelerating development time and simplifying switch system maintenance.

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Using and Automating a PXI Switch System with Switch Executive

Learn how to use LabVIEW and the Switch Executive API or TestStand to interact with a virtual device that has been previously configured in Switch Executive, providing an intuitive and simplified way to make switch connections in your test system.

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