NI myDAQ Getting Started and Support


Take advantage of the resources below to get started with and use your NI myDAQ hardware, LabVIEW graphical development software, and Multisim circuit design software.



Get Started

Connect and use your NI myDAQ.

NI ELVISmx Software Instruments

Use NI myDAQ as eight different instruments.


LabVIEW with NI myDAQ

Learn LabVIEW programming with NI myDAQ.

Multisim with NI myDAQ

See how NI myDAQ enhances Multisim circuit design software.


Connect to Circuits

View examples that connect to NI myDAQ.

Connect to Sensors

Take measurements with NI myDAQ and external sensors.


Troubleshoot NI myDAQ

View support documents or ask your own NI myDAQ questions.

Connect with NI myDAQ users

Join the NI myDAQ community today.


Get Started 

Learn how to quickly set up and run your NI myDAQ hardware and software. Then test your NI myDAQ setup using NI ELVISmx software instruments and the LabVIEW graphical development environment.

  » Set Up Your NI myDAQ

  » Take Your First Measurement Using NI myDAQ and NI ELVISmx Instruments

  » Take Your Second Measurement Using NI myDAQ and LabVIEW

NI ELVISmx Software Instruments 

Use NI ELVISmx driver software to turn your NI myDAQ hardware into eight different measurement and signal generation tools. The following documents explain how to use the NI ELVISmx Instrument Launcher and each of the instruments that it offers.

Get an overview of the 12 NI ELVISmx software instruments:

  » Use NI myDAQ with NI ELVISmx Software Instruments

Use NI myDAQ as one of the following instruments:

  » Digital Multimeter

  » Oscilloscope

  » Function Generator

  » Bode Analyzer

  » Dynamic Signal Analyzer

  » Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  » Digital Reader

  » Digital Writer

LabVIEW with NI myDAQ 

Learn how NI myDAQ and LabVIEW together are ideal for programmatic measurement and control.

Learn how to use LabVIEW with NI myDAQ through instructional videos:

  » Introduction to LabVIEW with NI myDAQ

  » Getting Started with LabVIEW

  » LabVIEW Fundamentals

  » Case Structures

  » Data Acquisition in LabVIEW

  » Data Analysis in LabVIEW

Multisim with NI myDAQ 

Explore how you can combine NI myDAQ and Multisim to easily transition from circuit design to simulation and prototyping.

  » Using myDAQ with NI Multisim Circuit Design Software

Connect to Circuits 

Use these examples to see how to connect circuit elements to your NI myDAQ and interface with them through LabVIEW.

  » Measuring Voltage

  » Measuring Current

  » Basic LED

  » Seven Segment LED

Connect to Sensors 

Use these examples to learn how to connect sensors to your NI myDAQ and make measurements with LabVIEW.

  » Accelerometer

  » RTD

  » Infrared Proximity Sensor

  » Thermistor

  » Solid-State Relay and Fan

  » Motion Sensor

  » LED

  » Gyroscope

  » Wheatstone Bridge Based Measurements

Troubleshoot NI myDAQ 

Troubleshoot problems with your NI myDAQ and ask your own questions on the NI discussion forums.

  » View the NI myDAQ User Manual and Specifications

  » Configure and Test Your NI myDAQ to Ensure It Works Properly

  » Find Solutions to Common Problems Using NI myDAQ KnowledgeBase Articles

  » Ask for Help in the NI Discussion Forums

Connect with NI myDAQ Users 

Join the NI myDAQ community to meet other NI myDAQ users, view exciting user-submitted do-it-yourself projects, and share your NI myDAQ experience.

  » See What Other Students Are Doing in the NI myDAQ Community