Create a Meaningful Employee Experience

NI strives to create a meaningful experience for our employees worldwide. NI makes it possible for engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, therefore we want our employees to understand how the work they do contributes to society. By providing talent development programs, we help employees build expertise in their domains and grow their careers. Through a robust employee engagement strategy, we listen to our people and understand what about their experience is working and what needs to be improved. Our annual user conference, NIWeek, allows our employees to hear from our customers and all the amazing ways they use our products and systems.


Key Areas of Focus


Purposeful Work

NI has a truly inspiring purpose: NI makes it possible for engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Because of this work, our customers are engineering a better world. With thousands of applications, engineers and scientists use NI products to work toward solving the most pressing problems we face today, such as creating better medical diagnostic tools to finding renewable sources of energy.

To have a great culture and a successful company, employees must feel a connection to and pride in the company’s larger purpose. Inspired employees are motivated employees which ensures our stakeholders’ success. When employees understand how their daily work supports building a rocket ship or enables the creation of a life-saving medical device, they are more dedicated to positioning customers for success, which means better returns for shareholders and the business as a whole.

NI ensures that its employees understand and see the impact of their work. Throughout the year, employees have the opportunity to hear about NI’s broader impact directly from customers. During company meetings, customers take to the stage to share stories of NI products in action. For example, Mike Wiltberger of OptiMedica described how NI’s technology and employees have been critical in giving people around the world the ability to see through a unique system that treats cataracts.

During NI’s annual global conference, NIWeek, employees can interact with more than 3,000 innovators to learn how the products NIers help build are impacting society. At one NIWeek, employees learned how one customer is using NI’s technology to build a device called Berlin Heart, which keeps children with certain heart conditions alive as they wait for a heart transplant. Employees heard how the device even saved the life of one NI employee’s infant daughter.

Talent Development

Through robust development platforms, NI helps employees reach beyond their roles to influence their own and, ultimately, all NI stakeholders’ success. NI employee development programs are set apart by how employees can be innovative and entrepreneurial with their own career development. NI takes a jungle gym approach to career development: employees can move in diverse directions to grow their talents, discover their passions, and position themselves where they can add the most value.

The Global Learning Center (MyVIEW Learn) is NI’s internal learning management system, which helps administrate, track and report on instructor-led training and e-learning development content. It provides a self-service platform for employees and managers through increased visibility of worldwide offerings, resources, reporting and insight. Courses include leadership development for individual contributors, supervisors, managers and leaders; NI product training and certification; NI vision and mission sessions; and interpersonal, technical, and team effectiveness skills.

NI supports many other forms of development for employees including:

  • Access to LinkedIn Learning, an on-demand and global learning platform designed to help users acquire skills for development. Over 9,000 video tutorials covering business, creative, and technology topics are available and taught by experts
  • Consistent, regular performance conversations where employees meet with their managers to receive meaningful, constructive feedback
  • Tuition assistance for US employees that pursue a job-related degree or course outside of NI
  • Recommended reading, employee-led book groups, and a lending library


Expectations, Communications and Feedback

Ethical Workplace and Business

Our corporate culture of honesty in our business dealings may be our most valuable asset. We consider maintaining this principle to be one of our most important responsibilities. The long-term success of National Instruments depends upon high standards of conduct being observed by National Instruments' employees and directors. We have the NI Code of Ethics to clarify specific policies that spring from our principles of honesty and integrity. All employees and directors are expected to read and understand the NI code of Ethics, uphold these standards in day-to-day activities and comply with the applicable policies.

Employees may report suspected violations of the NI Code of Ethics, either electronically or by phone, through a confidential Ethics Hotline, operated by a third-party independent provider. NI does not tolerate any form of retaliation against any employee who makes a good faith report about suspected violations of the NI Code of Ethics.

NI Code of Ethics
Ethics Hotline

Employee Communications

A key to the strong culture and high level of trust at NI is ensuring timely, honest and accurate communication with employees worldwide. Town hall sessions and quarterly business discussions encourage open communication from leaders to employees. Regular one-on-one meetings with managers and their employees promote further collaboration and access to feedback channels.

Other NI employee communication tools include the following:

  • Business discussions and videos with NI leaders covering financial updates, company successes and employee calls to action
  • Company meetings for all employees annually
  • A digital employee hub that aims to publicize corporate and international news as well as raise business acumen among employees worldwide
  • A manager hub that aims to get critical information to our people leaders to best prepare them to cascade information and have meaningful conversations with their teams
  • A crisis response team dedicated to preparing communication in the event of a crisis

Employee Engagement & Feedback

In the face of growth and evolving employee and business needs, NI created a holistic framework for proactively managing employee engagement, satisfaction and feedback.

It begins with strong business direction; employees must understand our business direction and believe in it. It includes engaged managers, which focuses on the role of managers in our company and ensures they are equipped to coach and develop all of our employees. Strong business direction and management in turn lead to individual growth opportunities, meaningful work and a positive work environment for all our employees. This is all supported by competitive compensation and benefits.

This employee growth framework, which includes how NI monitors, measures and responds to employee engagement over time, is just one leg of NI’s ongoing journey in creating a great place to work.

Dr. James Truchard

NI Co-founder

“I strongly believe in the principles of conscious capitalism— higher purpose, conscious leadership, stakeholder orientation, and conscious culture. NI has upheld these principles from the start and continues to do so today. The most significant impact that we can have on society is through our technology and the amazing work of our customers. We make this impact, and ensure NI’s long-term growth, by carefully balancing the needs of each of our key stakeholders— employees, customers, partners, and shareholders— in our long-term decision making and business operations. Our goal is to create shared value between each of these key stakeholders and society as a whole.”