Create a Great Place to Work

NI strives to create a great place to work for its employees worldwide. NI’s vision-driven work environment promotes meeting the world’s grand challenges for engineering through purposeful, innovative work and community involvement. For the fourth consecutive year, NI achieved a top 20 ranking on the Great Place to Work Institute’s list of the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces. NI has consistently achieved these recognitions on a global scale, attesting to the importance NI places on maintaining a collaborative corporate culture.

Year in Review

2014 Highlights

Recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute as the #15 top multinational workplace and a top company to work for in 11 countries

Exceeded participation expectations in the new high-deductible health plan, which encourages employees to take an active role in their health care

2014 Challenges

Continue offering competitive benefits packages despite increases in health care costs

2015 Commitments

Maintain an average of 80% of surveyed employees worldwide describing NI as a great place to work

Continue to improve the health and wellness of the US employee base by achieving 98% participation in the annual HRA and a continued reduction in medical risk factors of the control group established in 2012

John Zukowsky

NIC Manufacturing Operations Manager

After neglecting fitness as a priority for his daily routine, John Zukowsky saw a beach photo of himself and decided to make a change. John joined the NIC fitness center and has been using group exercise classes, fitness bootcamps, and motivation from colleagues to help get and stay fit. John says “the staff has also helped in advancing my own education on fitness and how to work out smarter to prevent injury.” In 2016, John finished both Spartan and Battle Frog obstacle course races, ran in the 223 mile Capital to Coast relay, and rowed over one million meters (~622 miles)! “Physically I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since high school. Overall, I feel a lot better about myself and believe I am setting a good example for my two boys so as they grow they also will adopt the right habits to lead to a healthy lifestyle.” John’s next goal is to run 7,500 flights of stairs and do 50,000 pushups in 2017. As for the beach photo, John keeps it in his nightstand drawer to serve as extra motivation to continue to maintain his fitness routine.