World-Class Community Engagement

National Instruments and its employees are committed to serving the communities in which they work and live by applying NI tools, services, and expertise to significant causes. Because NI is a technology leader, the cornerstone of its community engagement program is to improve engineering and science education by making technology more accessible, inspirational, and fun for young people. NI also maintains a culture of giving around the world by supporting employees as they make charitable contributions of time and resources to causes they are passionate about.

Corporate philanthropy is a critical component of NI’s community engagement and is typically part of a broad, multifaceted community partnership. NI has an employee-based funding advisory council that helps maintain transparency in philanthropic efforts and ensure the company donates at least 1 percent of NI pretax profits to worthy causes in ways that guarantee maximum impact. Refer to the NI corporate giving guidelines for information about the grant request process.

NI Corporate Giving Guidelines

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Maintain a Culture of Giving

At headquarters, and the more than 40 NI offices around the world, the company works to improve the education and well-being of its communities through employee philanthropy and volunteerism.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators

NI anchors its community outreach program on enhancing engineering education through classroom mentorships, robotics competitions, and collaborations with nonprofits to inspire students to pursue careers in engineering and science.

NI Corporate Giving Guidelines

National Instruments engages in strategic, consistent collaborations with community organizations to help affect positive change in the global community. Each year, NI contributes more than 1 percent of pretax profits to nonprofit organizations.



of pretax dollars donated primarily to education initiatives


NI branch offices supported hands-on learning through robotics mentoring

$1.85 million

USD donated by NI employees to causes they are passionate about

Duy-Loan Le

NI Board of Directors

“As the founder of Sunflower Mission, an NGO operating in Vietnam, I see the positive impact that support from corporations like National Instruments can have through funding, employees helping provide robotics programs, as well as connecting us to other corporate foundations, such as the LEGO® Foundation."