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Simplify Your Measurement System

Gain the flexibility you need to build a measurement system that meets your application-specific requirements. The new CompactDAQ controllers integrate a processor and removable SD storage with high-quality signal conditioned measurements and digital, counter, and communication bus I/O in a small, rugged enclosure. You can reduce system cost and complexity while increasing accuracy.

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Take advantage of the ease and performance of a fully integrated system with CompactDAQ, which is fully customizable. Choose exactly what you need for your specific application.

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Simplify Your Measurement System

Increase Accuracy

Use an integrated system to reduce error sources in your measurements.

Decrease System Cost and Complexity

We’ve already done the integration, certification, and testing for you.

Enable Inline Processing

Find trends in your data faster with an onboard dual-core Intel processor.

Customize Your System

Build a system to meet your exact needs with LabVIEW software and modular I/O.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

CompactDAQ Controllers Adapt to Our Future Requirements

Kevin Hawley
Blackhawk Modifications Inc.

“CompactDAQ controllers allowed us to validate the critical systems on the aircraft in a single, modular piece of hardware with the ability to adapt the system to meet our future needs.”

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Are you designing, prototyping, or deploying a control or monitoring system to embed into a product? CompactRIO hardware offers the ultimate in flexibility and design performance over custom electronics.

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