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Intern Opportunities

Research and Development

As an R&D intern, you play an important role in all aspects of NI products - from creation and design to testing. During your internship, you can expect to have challenging projects, meet other intelligent and technical people, and work in a laid back and friendly environment.

Applications Engineering

The Engineering Leadership Program (ELP) is an opportunity for talented engineers who are interested in developing themselves as both technical and business leaders. ELP Interns receive technical and leadership training, work directly with customers to assist with technical applications, and work on projects in an area of interest including Technical Marketing, Technical Sales, Systems, or R&D. Learn more about NI ELP at www.nielp.com


As a marketing intern, you can expect to work on a variety of projects and meet a variety of people. Whether your focus is making the NI presence at events and trade shows memorable, communicating the NI marketing message around the globe, or developing strategy for a particular product, your skills will help you make an impact every day.

Information Technology

As an IT intern, you are exposed to a wide variety of technologies, key information technology processes, and functional business areas. An internship with a global corporation that has offices worldwide also provides you with a chance to gain exposure and insight into many of the critical business issues and key business practices important to every IT professional.

Technical Writing

As a technical writer intern, you write and edit NI product documentation. During your internship, you will collaborate with engineers and technical writers, learn about writing in the high-tech industry, and experience NI's fun, casual culture. Learn more about NI technical writing at weekinthelife.net