Why Choose NI Wireless?

NI wireless sensor network (WSN) devices provide the same quality and accuracy as traditional wired measurement systems, but with increased flexibility, lower costs, and the ability to create smart WSN systems with the NI LabVIEW WSN Module. In situations where both solutions are necessary, LabVIEW is a single software platform that can seamlessly integrate both wired and wireless measurements. Read on to learn about six NI WSN platform advantages.

Measurement Quality

For more than 35 years, National Instruments has specialized in high-accuracy measurements with high-performance analog front-end design. The WSN platform provides multiple types of high-quality measurements, from single-point to waveform, all within a single system.

Rugged, Reliable Embedded Hardware

NI WSN devices are designed to monitor assets or environments in outdoor or harsh settings and hard-to-reach places. Size, weight, and I/O channel density are critical design requirements in many such embedded applications. Temperature ranges of -40° C to 70° C (-40° F to 158° F), a 50 g shock rating, and a variety of international safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and environmental certifications and ratings are all available with WSN devices.

Node Programmability

With the LabVIEW WSN Module, you can create and deploy embedded applications to programmable NI WSN measurement nodes using the LabVIEW graphical development environment – no knowledge of embedded programming is required.

Web-Based Visualization and Analytics

With LabVIEW Web services, you can access measurement data from any location, on any Web-enabled platform. For example, you could monitor WSN-acquired valve pressure from your mobile phone or laptop. All NI real-time targets, including the NI 9792 programmable gateway, feature integrated Web servers that can host measurement data for remote access.


A wireless measurement system frees you from the confines of wired infrastructure. With NI WSN nodes, you can monitor hard-to-reach places and bring node-level analysis and control to your measurement locations with the LabVIEW WSN Module. You easily can relocate nodes to new measurement locations, or add new nodes to your network as your application changes or evolves.

Cost Savings

Wireless measurement systems eliminate the need for costly and prohibitive wiring. Copper and Ethernet can quickly become the most expensive portions of a distributed monitoring system. By taking advantage of wireless technology, you can save thousands of dollars on installation costs. In addition, a wireless monitoring system offers more insight into overall asset and environment health, preventing downtime and saving in maintenance costs.

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