Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Next Generation of User Interfaces

Developed by Microsoft, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a presentation system for building Windows client applications with visually stunning user experiences.

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Features Section

Introduction to WPF Technology

WPF technology was created to fill a gap in the tools available for modern UI design. Learn about this platform and its history.

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Benefits of WPF Technology

Read about the technical advantages of WPF features and tools and learn about the potential business impact of this technology.

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WPF for Test and Measurement Software

Explore pre-built graphs, charts and industry controls designed for the test and measurement industry and their extensibility possibilities.

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Start Learning WPF

Find the right resources to train yourself on WPF and XAML. Explore videos, tutorials and literature from Microsoft and others.

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Advanced Lessons in WPF

View video tutorials and download demo code to learn advanced customization techniques in XAML with Measurement Studio controls.

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Additional Resources

Download and Evaluate Measurement Studio WPF Controls

Learn about NI Measurement Studio suite of tools for .NET