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Wireless Measurement Devices

NI wireless measurement devices provide the same quality and accuracy as traditional wired measurement systems but with increased flexibility and lower costs. With different range, throughput, and battery options, NI wireless measurement devices can solve a wide variety of remote application challenges where a cabled solution may be impractical or infeasible. In situations where both solutions are necessary, NI LabVIEW provides a single software platform that can seamlessly integrate both wired and wireless measurements.

Why Choose NI Wireless?


With over 50 million I/O channels sold in the last 10 years, NI is a global leader in measurement applications. Now, I/O streaming and mesh networking technology extend that industry expertise to wireless applications.

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What Are My Options?

WSN 3212, WiFi DAQ

From high-bandwidth, streaming NI Wi-Fi DAQ to low-power, long-range NI WSN, NI wireless measurement devices can provide the right solution for your wireless monitoring and measurement applications.

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