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Wireless Remote Monitoring

The accessibility of wireless technology is enabling new remote monitoring applications. Wireless sensing devices provide increased flexibility and portability for such applications by offering measurements in places where cables are not convenient or feasible. Explore the following resources to discover how National Instruments wireless technology, such as NI Wi-Fi data acquisition (DAQ), impacts engineers and scientists. Also learn best practices for designing and deploying remote monitoring applications.

Wireless Webcast Series

Measure in Minutes with NI LabVIEW and Wi-Fi DAQ

Watch this 15-minute webcast to learn how LabVIEW graphical programming and Wi-Fi DAQ devices can simplify remote monitoring applications.

Wireless Technologies for Data Acquisition

View this webcast to understand the major wireless standards specifications, ways to eliminate cables, and strategies to enable new measurement applications using wireless technologies.

Wireless Sensor Networks: Technologies, Standards, and LabVIEW

Learn more about the applications, technologies, and components used in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and how to implement wireless remote monitoring systems using LabVIEW.

Wireless Technical Resources

Why Go Wireless?

Explore the benefits of choosing a wireless solution over a wired approach and the trade-offs you should consider before implementing a wireless application.

What Is a Wireless Sensor Network?

Learn about the technology and research behind WSNs, including different standards, network topologies, and power options.

How to Develop a Wireless Measurement System

Use NI hardware and software to add wireless measurements based on 802.11, GPRS, GSM, and Bluetooth to your remote monitoring and control applications.

Incorporating Wireless Networks in Wired Systems

Incorporate new wireless measurements in existing wired systems and learn best practices for integrating different wireless standards within the same application.