NI Multisim Component Evaluator - Analog Devices Edition Comparison Chart

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  1. NI Multisim Component Evaluator - Analog Devices Edition
  2. Comparison Chart
  3. Time to Test-Drive Multisim Power Pro? Free 30-Day Evaluation Here
  4. Need to Learn More about Multisim First?

1. NI Multisim Component Evaluator - Analog Devices Edition

The NI Multisim Component Evaluator Analog Devices Edition is a collaboration by National Instruments and Analog Devices to provide engineers with an intuitive way to evaluate component decisions prior to design, ensuring the selection of the correct Analog Devices® amplifier component.

Component selection has never been a trivial process. Selecting the correct solution for a linear circuit has often meant sorting through multiple products across datasheets, websites and product catalogs. By leveraging the power of Multisim simulation, engineers can now use a database of predefined schematic symbols from ADIs leading portfolio of amplifiers and linear components to verify component decisions. 

Below you can see highlights of some of the most important features:

  1. Easy-to-use / easy-to-learn schematic capture environment
  2. Advanced SPICE simulation engine (includes simulation of SPICE, XSPICE, many PSpice models, BSIM, EKV, VBIC etc..)
  3. Designs of up to 50 components (including unlimited power elements)
  4. Seven (7) advanced SPICE analyses including AC, Fourier, Temperature Sweep etc... for indepth knowledge on a circuit
  5. Eleven (11) intuitive measurement instruments to quickly understand design performance
  6. One (1) custom component per schematic
  7. Custom LabVIEW instruments can allow you to take any measurement and analyze it any way you need


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2. Comparison Chart

For engineers interested in creating more complex designs, you can find a version of NI Multisim that meets your specific needs. If you are you an educator and teach circuits theory, we have a version of NI Multisim designed to be a part of any circuits curriculum. Learn more about teaching specific features of Multisim Education Edition by clicking here.

If you are a professional who develops circuit designs and prototypes PCBs, then the following chart will compare the functionality of the NI Multisim Component Evaluator Analog Devices Edition with NI Multisim Power Pro. See how, with our professional software, you can use the same easy-to-use environment that you have already used for Analog Devices evaluation for:

  1. Developing designs that require more than 50 components
  2. Evaluating components for your designs that include leading components from Analog Devices as well as from manufacturers such as National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Linear Technology, and so on
  3. Simulating more components including Switch-Mode Power Supplies, Microcontrollers, and 10,000+ other devices
  4. Exporting complete designs to the NI Ultiboard and Mentor Graphics PADS layout environments
  5. Creating custom components, models, and landpatterns for your domain specific designs




NI Multisim Component Evaluator Analog Devices Edition


NI Multisim
Full 11.0.1


NI Multisim
Power Pro 11.0.1


Component Database Size 1868 13164 17545
Simulation Sources X X X
Indicators X X X
Capacitors, Resistors, and Inductors X X X
Relay and Socket Components - X X
Analog Devices Components X X X
Texas Instruments Analog Components - X X
National Semiconductor Analog Components - X X
Thermal Transistors - X X
CMOS Components - X X
MCU Simulation - - X
Advanced Peripherals - X X
Zener Diodes X X X
Schotzky Diodes X X X
DIAC, TRIAC Diodes - X X
Digital Symbols (DSP, FPGA, VHDL, and so on) - X X
Switch-Mode Power Supplies - X X
Buck Converter - - X
Boost Converter - - X
Mosfter Driver - - X
RF - - X
Ladder Diagrams - X X



Components per Schematic 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Customizable GUI X X X
Component Creation Wizard - X X
German/Japanese Localization - X X
Modeless Part Placement and Wiring X X X
Hierarchical Design - X X
Multisheet Design - X X
Forward/Back Annotation - X X
Export to Ultiboard Layout - X X
Export to Mentor PADS Layout - X X
Customizable BOM X - X
Database Import/Export - X X
Interactive Simulator - X X
Fully Mixed-Mode A/D Simulation X X X
Cadence PSpice Model Simulation* X X X
Mouse-Click Support for Interactive Parts X X X
Switch-Mode Power Supply Simulation Models - - X
Virtual Instruments  11 15 22
Analyses 7 15 19
Multisim Automation API - - X



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3. Time to Test-Drive Multisim Power Pro? Free 30-Day Evaluation Here

You can begin evaluating the Multisim Power Pro environment today. For 30 days, you can see how the many design and productivity enhancing features of NI Multisim help you to improve your design flow.

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To see a complete list of Multisim features and compare the various editions (Base, Full, Power Pro), click here.



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4. Need to Learn More about Multisim First?

Try out these resources to learn more about Multisim and your design flow:

  1. Still not sure on how to capture and simulate in Multisim? Try our online Interactive Demonstration.
  2. How do I export to layout with NI Ultiboard?
  3. How about exporting to Mentor Graphics PADS?
  4. What customers are using Multisim? College Park, STeP, and National Labs are using NI software.



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