Medical Device Webcast Series

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National Instruments hardware and software products are used in a broad variety of biomedical applications such as biophysics cellular physiology, tissue bath recordings, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and lab automation. This series of Webcasts explores a variety of topics around the challenges in designing and validating these types of medical applications. Examine the medical device life cycle and how the NI graphical system design platform can be used to design, prototype and deploy, improving quality and speeding time to market.
Medical Device Design - Part I
It is estimated that 85% of software bugs are a result of inadequate requirements. To avoid these issues and the resulting schedule delays, alternative requirements gathering techniques are required. In this webcast, you will learn about alternative design approaches that are specifically designed to get the requirements right.
Medical Device Prototyping - Part II
In the continuation of the medical device webcast series, you will follow the prototyping of a simple non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitor. Learn about the use of statecharts to design embedded systems and see how these are deployed to single-board hardware targets for prototyping.  
Medical Device Deployment - Part III
In the conclusion of the medical device webcast series, you will examine deployment technologies for embedded designs including FPGAs and embedded hardware. Also, learn how you can take advantage of the NI Medical Device Grant Program to gain software for your start-up company. Finally, learn how to apply NI technology to the FDA regulations for good manufacturing practices (GMP).


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