NI ELVIS Telecommunications Academic Information Kit

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The Emona DATEx and Emona FOTEx are add-on boards that extend the National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) platform for teaching introductory telecommunications. The Emona DATEx focuses on digital and analog communications fundamentals, while the Emona FOTEx teaches concepts related to fiber-optic-based telecommunications. Download the resource kit to find technical documentation, multimedia resources, and more to teach communications.

Kit Contents

  • NI ELVIS Guided Tour
    Take this guided tour to learn more about the NI ELVIS platform and how it is ideal for telecommunications classes.
  • What’s New in NI ELVIS II+
    Find out what is new with NI ELVIS II+.
  • What Is NI ELVIS?
    Read about the benefits of the NI ELVIS platform.
  • NI ELVIS and Plug-In Boards Help Optimize Your Lab Time and Space
    Discover how you can extend the NI ELVIS platform into controls, embedded, and telecommunications disciplines with plug-in boards.
  • A Hands-On Approach to Teaching Introductory Fiber-Optic Communications with NI ELVIS and Emona FOTEx
    Watch this webcast to learn more about how you can apply the FOTEx with NI ELVIS for an effective, hands-on approach to teaching concepts related to fiber-optic-based communications. The Emona FOTEx extends NI ELVIS with hardware and lab exercises to teach concepts related to fiber-optics technology for digital communications.
  •  NI ELVIS II/Emona DATEx: A Block Diagram Approach to Telecommunications Education
    This webcast introduces the Emona DATEx telecommunications trainer, an add-on module for NI ELVIS that offers a hands-on, block diagram approach to teaching introductory telecommunications concepts.

NI ELVIS Resources for Telecommunications

Educator and Classroom Resources for RF and Wireless Communications

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