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Simple. Secure. Wi-Fi Data Acquisition.

Wi-Fi data acquisition is an extension of PC-based data acquisition to measurement applications where wiring is difficult or cost-prohibitive. NI CompactDAQ combines over 50 measurement modules and IEEE 802.11b/g wireless communication with the flexibility of NI-DAQmx software for remote monitoring of electrical, physical, mechanical, and acoustic signals. Wi-Fi NI CompactDAQ chassis can stream continuous waveform data on each channel at more than 50 kS/s with 24 bits of resolution.

Figure 1. Wi-Fi NI CompactDAQ chassis stream continuous waveform data back to a host computer.

In addition, built-in NIST-approved 128-bit AES encryption and advanced IEEE 802.1X network authentication offer the highest commercially available network security (WPA2 Enterprise). With the flexibility of the NI software platform, including LabVIEW, and the ubiquity of 802.11 network infrastructure, NI CompactDAQ makes it easy to incorporate wireless connectivity into new or existing PC-based measurement or control systems.

NI cDAQ-9191 and C Series Hardware

Each Wi-Fi measurement system combines an NI cDAQ-9191 NI CompactDAQ chassis and an NI C Series signal conditioning module. The chassis provides both IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity back to a host PC.

Figure 2. A Wi-Fi NI CompactDAQ measurement system combines a one-slot chassis and an NI C Series module to provide wireless sensor measurements.

C Series modules offer direct sensor connections, NIST-traceable calibration, and built-in signal conditioning for a variety of measurements, including temperature, high-voltage digital I/O, strain, acceleration, current, and voltage. In addition to the NI cDAQ-9191 Wi-Fi chassis, you can use C Series modules interchangeably for measurement and control applications with different chassis, including 1-, 4- or 8-slot NI CompactDAQ chassis and CompactRIO for embedded control and monitoring applications.  

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Secure Wireless Data Acquisition

Wi-Fi NI CompactDAQ chassis implement the highest commercially available wireless network security standard, IEEE 802.11i (commonly known as WPA2 Enterprise), including IEEE 802.1X network authentication and 128-bit AES data encryption. Authentication ensures that only authorized devices have network access, and encryption prevents data packets from being intercepted. Accepted worldwide, IEEE 802.11i security standards build on more than 10 years of wireless innovation in the IT sector. By using standard security protocols, you can safely and easily add NI CompactDAQ to your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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Streaming Wireless Measurements with NI-DAQmx

After more than 20 years of helping engineers and scientists achieve high-quality PC-based data acquisition, NI-DAQmx driver software continues to be the heart of the National Instruments data acquisition platform. Recognizing the diversity of measurement applications, NI approaches data acquisition independent of specific PC bus technologies. You can use the same NI-DAQmx API for communicating across PCI, PCI Express, PXI, PXI Express, USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. This means you can use an application developed for a USB data acquisition device (even a high-speed application) with a wireless data acquisition device without making any changes to the software.

Figure 3. NI-DAQmx driver software abstracts data acquisition bus technology from the user and provides a consistent API across multiple programming languages.

The NI cDAQ-9191 chassis can stream continuous 24-bit waveform data at more than 51.2 kS/s from multiple measurement channels. Managing this amount of data over a wireless network is a nontrivial task, but NI-DAQmx abstracts the complexity associated with buffered transfers over TCP/IP from the user. With device-side intelligence, message-based communication, and an advanced streaming engine, NI-DAQmx and NI CompactDAQ provide all the benefits of wireless technology for test and measurement applications without sacrificing the performance or reliability of a wired solution.

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