Structural/Seismic Monitoring and Testing Resource Kit for Lab Applications

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Structural Health Monitoring for Lab Applications
Learn about the necessary concepts for implementing structural health monitoring (SHM) applications in the field and read how NI software and hardware products have been used in several monitoring applications.


Kit Contents

  • White Paper: Structural and Seismic Monitoring and Testing
    Around the world, researchers are innovating ways to improve monitoring, recording, and communicating the health of our global civil infrastructure. While the need is to instrument bridges, dams, buildings, stadiums, and more through deployed measurement systems, many of the systems that are deployed to the field are first prototyped in the lab. National Instruments provides modular measurement hardware and flexible monitoring software ideal for structural and civil engineering research, providing fast time to measurement; channel expandability; world trusted measurement accuracy; and powerful design, analysis, and data management software.
  • Tutorial: Introduction to NI CompactDAQ for Structural Monitoring and Testing
    NI CompactDAQ provides the plug-and-play simplicity of USB to sensor and electrical measurements on the benchtop or in the field. By combining the ease of use and low cost of a data logger with the performance and flexibility of modular instrumentation, NI CompactDAQ provides fast, accurate measurements in a small, simple, and affordable system.
  • Tutorial: Introduction to PXI for Structural Health Monitoring and Testing
    PXI is a rugged PC-based platform that offers a high-performance solution for complete laboratory monitoring systems. By using the standard PCI bus, PXI modular instrumentation systems can benefit from widely available software and hardware components and provide advanced timing and triggering capabilities.
  • Tutorial: Modal Analysis in LabVIEW
    Modal analysis has become increasingly popular in R&D and in online real-time monitoring systems. Learn about the specific Modal Parameter Extraction algorithms used in industry to uncover the modal parameters of a structure.
  • Case Study
    National Instruments hardware and software products have been used to control a large-scale earthquake simulator.

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