SMU Applications

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Power Consumption Testing Technical Details (IDD, IDDQ)
The SMU in this scenario must act as a constant voltage source while measuring the current draw, which can be down to nA-level for static and IDDQ tests and up to 1 amp and higher for dynamic tests. Here, the flexibility and precision of the NI PXI-4130 SMU are important benefits.


Rechargeable Battery Testing with the NI PXI-4130 Power SMU
An SMU is commonly the instrument of choice for performing charge cycle testing because it provides the ability to accurately source to (charge) and sink from (discharge) batteries while measuring both voltage and current.  This way, a single instrument can be used to gather a variety of important information.


Field Effect Transistor (FET) Testing with the PXI-4130 Power SMU
With five current ranges providing measurement resolution down to 1 nA, this precision source is ideal for design validation and semiconductor test applications that require programmatic sourcing and sweeping as well as high-accuracy measurements. The PXI-4130 also includes a utility channel that can source either current or voltage with 16-bit setpoint and measurement resolution.


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