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National Instruments has been a leading provider of PXI systems since PXI’s inception in 1997. Follow the links below to learn about the distinguishing features of the National Instruments PXI platform.

Products for Every Application

With I/O modules ranging from DC to RF, infrastructure products such as Chassis and Controllers and software applications such as LabVIEW and Teststand, National Instruments offers over 600 PXI products that can address the needs of extremely diverse set of applications such as automated test, data acquisition and industrial control.

Learn more about National Instrument's product offering for the PXI platform.

Powerful and Productive Software Solutions

To adapt to varying programming skills and system requirements, select either a graphic language, NI LabVIEW, or text-based language, NI LabWindows™/CVI. For applications that require test software, choose from NI TestStand or NI VeriStand test management tools which have tight integration into the development environments where the application-specific code is created.

Learn more about National Instrument's software offering

Highly Differentiated Products

Every PXI product from National Instruments contains innovative features that sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Learn about the differentiating features of NI PXI Chassis, Controller and Instruments.
Embedded Controller Design Advantages

PXI embedded controllers from National Instruments provide a high-performance yet compact embedded computer solution for your PXI measurement system. These embedded controllers come with standard features such as integrated peripherals I/O, as well as Microsoft Windows and all device drivers already installed. This section highlights the design features that NI uses to deliver high-performance reliable controllers.

Learn more about NI PXI embedded controller design advantages

Chassis Design Advantages

A fundamental component of the PXI system is the chassis. In this section, learn about specific NI design features that increase chassis cooling performance, improve the acoustical performance, and enhance power supply reliability.

Learn more about NI PXI chassis design advantages

Timing and Synchronization Advantages

Through shared timing and synchronization, you can vastly improve the accuracy of measurements, apply advanced triggering schemes, or synchronize multiple devices to act as one for extremely high-channel-count applications. This section highlights how National Instruments is the only major test and measurement vendor that offers a PXI timing and synchronization product line.

Learn more about NI PXI Timing and Synchronization design advantages

Fast and Flexible Data Storage Options

National Instruments offers variety of high-speed data-streaming devices ranging from in-chassis and portable products to external rackmount solutions with extended capacities to address the needs of various complex applications such as RF record and playback and IF or baseband streaming.

Learn more about NI High-Speed Data-Storage design advantages

PXI Module Design Advantages

Of the more than 1,500 PXI products on the market, over 600 are designed by National Instruments. In this section, learn about the advantages offered by NI-designed PXI instrumentation.

Learn more about NI PXI Module design advantages

Leaders in Innovation

Since introducing the PXI platform to the market in 1997, NI has been continuously executing to being innovative paradigms, technologies and products to the test, measurement and control market. Concepts ranging from Virtual Instrumentation to Graphical System Design and utilization of technologies ranging from PCI Express to FPGA have helped countless engineers and scientists create powerful yet cost effective systems for applications such as automated production test to high loop-rate industrial control systems.

Learn more about how NI is continuously innovating on the PXI Platform

Design Validation

NI spends a great deal of time and resources ensuring that NI PXI products meet the toughest design specifications. Much of this testing and evaluation is implemented in-house by full-time, dedicated test engineers, many of whom are industry experts in their disciplines such as electromagnetic compatibility, safety, and mechanical. More than 1,000 hours of design validation is performed on each new design.

Learn more about NI's process for validating designs of new PXI products

Production Unit Verification

After a design moves to full production, NI ensures each production unit is evaluated to meet its specifications before it is shipped to the customer. Each NI PXI system undergoes hours of rigorous testing to ensure that it reliably operates.

Learn how NI verifies every PXI product on the production floor

Global Network of Support and Service

From web based tools to help configure a PXI system to more than 200 global location with access to local engineers, NI offers world-class support and services throughout the life of your PXI system

Learn more about the support and services that National Instruments offers

Case Studies

Businesses that chose NI PXI and the software-defined approach realized increased software development productivity, faster test execution and throughput, lowered capital expenses, and increased scalability, which dramatically reduced their total cost of test.

See how companies ranging from Microsoft to Lockheed Martin are using NI PXI

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