MATLAB®-TDM-Example User Guide

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This application note answers the question how to read TDM or TDMS files with The MathWorks, INC. MATLAB® Software.

To download and install the Example go to the MATLAB®-TDM-Example Download page >>

The ZIP file there contains an example that shows how to read TDM and TDMS files from within the MATLAB® software environment. It consists of an extract of the TDM C DLL and an adapted C-header file (nilibddc_m.h) to be used in conjunction with the MATLAB® software. Refer to the doc folder for more information about the functions.

If you copy the TDM dll and the header file into "C:\test\", you must specify the location in your m-script like this:

examplePath = 'C:\test';
hfile = [examplePath '\nilibddc_m.h'];
loadlibrary([examplePath '\nilibddc'], hfile);

Keep in mind that this provides only the capability to read TDM/TDMS files with the MATLAB® software environment and that the example has been tested with MATLAB® Versions R2007a, R2007b, and R2008a.  It is expected that the example will work with earlier versions as well.

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