Wireless Industrial Remote Monitoring

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  Industrial monitoring involves monitoring and controlling different plant, factory, or manufacturing conditions while logging data to enterprise systems. Production competitiveness constantly pushes the speeds of this equipment, and lately, there has been an ever-increasing emphasis on machine and automation efficiency, as well as performance and quality control. Wireless technology can help you improve your processes by adding new measurements to your systems that were previously impossible or impractical with a cabled solution. Explore the following resources to learn how NI wireless hardware and software can simplify and improve industrial remote monitoring systems.  
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Wireless Data Acquisition Technology

NI Wi-Fi data acquisition (DAQ) devices combine IEEE 802.11g wireless or Ethernet communication, direct sensor connectivity, and the flexibility of NI LabVIEW software for remote monitoring of electrical, physical, mechanical, and acoustical signals. With built-in signal conditioning and the highest commercially available network security, Wi-Fi DAQ devices stream data in real time for easy to use, high-performance remote measurements.

From continuous monitoring of vibrations on mechanical systems to producing clean energy for domestic and industrial hot water, NI hardware and software tools can help you build customizable systems to meet your monitoring needs. Wi-Fi DAQ improves performance of your industrial remote monitoring application by:

  • Reducing cabling installation and maintenance cost
  • Providing secure, reliable data with 128-bit AES encryption
  • Integrating seamlessly with existing wired systems and enterprise (SCADA)
  • Leveraging widespread Wi-Fi infrastructure with standardized 802.11g protocol

Industrial Monitoring Case Studies

To predict mechanical behavior and efficiency, continuous monitoring of vibrations and other signals is critical and usually requires continuous data acquisition and online database analysis. VESKI, a Croatian-based consulting firm that specializes in vibration analysis and diagnostics, relies on LabVIEW and CompactRIO at the core to provide an LAN-compatible vibration monitoring system.

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