Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring

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  In a world-wide competitive marketplace, reliability, uptime, and operational cost of equipment can significantly impact the competitive posture of any manufacturing facility. To optimize maintenance of machinery and therefore the machine’s reliability and utilization, monitoring health indicators such as mechanical vibration and power factor is a widely accepted practice. Now with the use of wireless vibration and power monitoring devices, reliability engineers are able to overcome historic cost barriers.  
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Why Wireless?  Why NI?  

Greatly reduce installation costs by employing wireless vibration, electrical power, and general data acquisition. These savings come in the form of cabling costs, conduit, extended machine downtimes for installation, and, perhaps most important, labor costs. For example, power plant fans may be located upwards of 500 feet from the control room. With as many as 10 sensors on a machine, total cabling efforts can exceed miles of conduit and work. Further, broken cables create additional maintenance issues simply to keep the wired system connected to the control and plant engineering rooms.

National Instruments offers a complete wireless system solution, including wireless data acquisition, vibration sensors, signal conditioning for vibration sensors, and signal processing software to aid in machine degradation tracking and diagnostics. NI wireless solutions are based on 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology, which has proven to be the most effective technology in noise plant environments. In addition, by optimizing 802.11g technology over other lower transmission rate technologies, higher bandwidth data is available for more complete online monitoring and diagnostics real-time applications. Finally, NI provides the latest in wireless security to keep your measurement data confidential.

Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring Webcast

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Wireless Security Primer for Data Acquisition

Completing the Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring System

NI has a wide range of signal processing tools, including the Sound and Vibration Assistant and Advanced Signal Processing tools to assist in analyzing time waveforms to identify machine health features. These tools give the machinery reliability engineer and analyst the most powerful combination of tools available.

Combining the extensive experience of NI in data acquisition and signal processing with wireless technology, the plant teams have a cost competitive and open solution they can rely on for years to come.

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