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MyNI has recently been redesigned based on user feedback to provide a more useful interface for managing your relationship with National Instruments.

Table of Contents

  1. Why did National Instruments change MyNI?
  2. New Features of MyNI
  3. What additional improvements are in work for MyNI?

1. Why did National Instruments change MyNI?

MyNI has always functioned as a central place for you to access the information most important to you on  However, as you may have noticed, many areas of, such as the online catalog, have recently begun to include personalized components.  As the Web site evolves, we want to ensure that MyNI continues to provide consolidated access to information relevant to you, so we chose to redesign it in order to provide a more scalable solution.

Visit MyNI at

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2. New Features of MyNI


Simplified user interface with easier display customization

We used your feedback to remove tools that you told us were not useful to make more room for the tools that are.  In addition, we more appropriately grouped related items and allow you to easily remove sections you are not interested in seeing using the Content Display Options bar (shown in Figure 1).  MyNI saves these selections for you and maintains them each time you return to MyNI and are logged into your User Profile.


Figure 1. Content Display Options Bar

Localized in 9 languages

Prior to the redesign, MyNI was available only in English and Japanese.  Now, MyNI has been translated into seven other languages: French, simplified and traditional Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and German to allow more users to take advantage of its features.

Easier access to key areas of

In the past few years, has continually added new applications that help you manage your relationship with NI.  We have elevated the following applications from MyNI so that you can more easily access and make changes to these important items.

  • Address Book - Manage your shipping and billing addresses to speed up checkout.
  • Email Newsletter Subscription Management - View and modify your preferences.
  • Registered Products – Keep track of the NI products you own.
  • Ask An Engineer - Submit your technical support question online to NI engineers.
  • Services Resource Center - Users with an active service contract (such as SSP) can access software upgrades, maintenance releases, and on demand training.
  • NI Community - Collaborate with a worldwide community of engineers and scientists.


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3. What additional improvements are in work for MyNI?

While we have taken the first step towards an improved MyNI experience, we still have more to go.  In the future, we hope to provide additional features such as:

  • Improved access to your local sales contacts’ information
  • Greater visibility into your service level and benefits
  • An improved experience for finding events in your area
  • At-a-glance access to the number of Web notifications in your Inbox


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