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The development process for an embedded system typically entails a disjointed, fragmented set of development tools. From application level software development to device driver development to OS kernel development to analog circuit design, each step typically requires a unique development tool and specialized expertise. Therefore, as these embedded devices become more complex, development schedules increase and product time-to-market suffers. National Instruments and QNX Software Systems have partnered together to provide an OEM development bundle to help reduce the barrier to entry for an embedded device design. This kit consists of an evaluation version of both QNX Momentics Development Environment and the LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK. In addition, this kit contains a Power Architecture based single board computer, an NI USB Data Acquisition device, and the MHDDK (Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit) driver. With this combination, engineers and scientists can greatly reduce the costly and time consuming OS development, driver development, and analog circuit design. Furthermore, with LabVIEW intuitive graphical programming and QNX Neutrino's world class multicore support, this development solution can more easily scale to higher performance multicore embedded solutions.

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  1. Kit Contents

1. Kit Contents

Genesi EFIKA Single Board Computer

The EFIKA 5200B is a performance evaluation board based around the MPC5200 System-on-Chip from Freescale Semiconductor.

  • Freescale MPC5200B PowerPC SoC up to 400MHz
  • 118mm x 153mm x 38mm
  • 128MB 266MHz DDR RAM
  • 44-pin IDE connector
  • 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet
  • 2x USB ports
  • 1x RS232 Serial port
  • Stereo Audio out, Microphone and Line-input
  • 33/66MHz PCI with bundled 90° AGP riser slot
  • RoHS Compliant 

Read more about the EFIKA.

NI USB 6009 Data Acquisition Device  

By providing competitive quantity discount pricing and top-notch application support, National Instruments is a leading worldwide OEM supplier of data acquisition and other measurement and automation products.

  • 8 analog inputs (14-bit, 48 kS/s)
  • 2 analog outputs (12-bit, 150 S/s); 12 digital I/O; 32-bit counter 
  • Bus-powered for high mobility; built-in signal connectivity 
  • OEM version available

Purchase the USB-6009 now.

QNX Neutrino 60-Day Evaluation Version


Since 1980, manufacturers have relied on QNX OS technology to power their mission-critical applications — everything from medical instruments and Internet routers to telematics devices, 9-1-1 call centers, process control applications, and air traffic control systems.  Under QNX Neutrino, every driver, application, protocol stack, and file system runs outside the kernel, in the safety of memory-protected user space. As a result, virtually any component can fail — and be automatically restarted — without affecting other components or the kernel. No other commercial RTOS provides such protection.

Visit  for more information.

NI LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK 60-day Evaluation

The NI LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK provides a comprehensive graphical development approach for embedded design. With LabVIEW graphical programming, you can take designs from concept to production in a single, integrated development environment.  LabVIEW  includes the tools you need to create your application quickly on off-the-shelf platforms yet ultimately re-use that code on custom-developed hardware. The module includes hundreds of optimized math and signal processing functions, real-time debugging capabilities, and a simple interface for including legacy code.


For purchasing information, contact your local NI Sales Representative or call (888) 280-7645.


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