Rice University - ME 229 Instrumentation and Data Acquisition

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The following document contains instructor slides for John Muratore's Mechanical Engineering 229: Instrumentation and Data Acquisition course at Rice University. This document is included in a free courseware packet. Download the Mechanical Measurements Courseware Packet now.

Course Objectives – Instrumentation and Data Acquisition

  • Help you learn to specify, build, and use a set of basic instrumentation and computer-based data acquisition systems to acquire data from a laboratory experiment, engineering field site, or test vehicle and process it using standard algorithms.
  • Use the National Instruments LabVIEW graphical development environment and two types of data acquisition devices to construct examples of data acquisition and processing.
  • Review elements of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam such as DC and AC circuits, operational amplifiers, computer programming, instrumentation, statistics, and digital representation of numbers.
  • Explore concrete examples of working with signals and systems to give you a practical feel for these subjects, which will encourage you to pursue fundamental principles work in more advanced courses that emphasize their mathematical basis.

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