NI Multisim Professional Simulation Driven Instruments and Analyses

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. NI Multisim Simulation Driven Instruments
  3. NI Multisim SPICE Analyses

1. Overview

National Instruments Multisim provides a powerful, yet simple interface for professional engineers to utilize SPICE simulation in their design process. The simulation process in Multisim is split into two basic steps;

  1. Validate the transient behavior of a circuit with interactive simulation and simulation driven instruments
  2. Utilize advanced SPICE simulation analyses to further investigate circuit behavior

This article showcases the various virtual instruments and analyses that are available in the Base, Full and Power Pro editions of Multisim


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2. NI Multisim Simulation Driven Instruments

The following chart displays the simulation driven instruments in Multisim (Base, Full and Power Pro editions).

  1. To learn more about the virtual instruments, view the "Overview of NI Multisim Virtual Instruments" article.
  2. To learn how to use the virtual instruments, view the "How to Use NI Multisim Virtual Instruments" article.








Power Pro


2 Channel Scope
4 Channel Scope - -
Ammeter -
Bode Plotter -
Current Probe -
Distortion Analyzer -
Frequency Counter -
Frequency Generator
IV Analyzer - -
Logic Analyzer -
Logic Converter -
Measurement Probe
Network Analyzer - -
Spectrum Analyzer - -
Voltmeter -
Wattmeter -
Word Generator -
NI ELVISmx Arbitrary Waveform Generator* -
NI ELVISmx Digital Reader* -
NI ELVISmx Digital Writer* -
NI ELVISmx Digital Multimeter* -
NI ELVISmx Dynamic Signal Analyzer* -
NI ELVISmx Function Generator* -
NI ELVISmx Oscilloscope* -
NI ELVISmx Variable Power Supply* -
NI PXI Arbitrary Waveform Generator ** -
NI PXI Oscilloscope ** -
NI PXI DC Power Supply ** -
NI PXI Digital Multimeter ** -
NI PXI Digital Waveform Generator ** -
Agilent Function Generator - -
Agilent Multimeter -
Agilent Scope - -
Tektronix Scope - -
  1. * You must install the NI ELVISmx driver in order to activate these instruments. Download here.
  2. ** You must install the NI PXI Instruments to activate these instruments. Download here.


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3. NI Multisim SPICE Analyses

The following chart displays the SPICE analyes in Multisim (Base, Full and Power Pro editions).








Power Pro


AC -
AC Single Frequency -
Batched - -
DC Operating Point -
DC Sweep -
Distortion -
Fourier -
Monte Carlo -
Nested Sweep - -
Noise -
Noise Figure - -
Parameter Sweep -
Pole Zero -
Sensitivity -
Temperature Sweep -
Trace Width -
Transfer Function -
Transient -
User Defined - -
Worst Case -


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