Introducing NI Multisim 10 and NI Ultiboard 10

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  1. NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard Now Available!
  2. NI Electronics Workbench Group
  3. NI Multisim 10 and NI Ultiboard 10 for Professional Users
  4. The Electronics Education Platform
  5. Now Available!

1. NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard Now Available!

The National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group (formerly Electronics Workbench) would like to introduce you to the latest version of our world-class tools for schematic capture, interactive simulation, and board layout; NI Multisim 10 and NI Ultiboard 10.

Multisim and Ultiboard combine powerful SPICE simulation and analyses with intuitive and flexible layout tools to quickly and professionally complete a wide variety of PCB designs in both industry and electronics education. With new features and enhanced functionality, NI Electronics Workbench Group continue to evolve the easy-to-use design flow from capture to simulation to final prototype.

With version 10 we continue to enable engineers to integrate design and test with a single, unified software platform that includes NI Multisim and NI LabVIEW. Design engineers can now easily compare simulated and real-world measurements to benchmark performance, resulting in fewer design iterations. 

For academia, the integrated NI Electronics Education Platform combines Multisim and industry-standard NI LabVIEW measurement software with the NI ELVIS prototyping workstation. This combination of software and hardware provides a hands-on method for students to gain in-depth knowledge of electronics design theory and practice, as well as significantly reducing instrumentation costs and laboratory space. 


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2. NI Electronics Workbench Group

The NI Electronics Workbench Group, formerly Electronics Workbench, strives to help engineers streamline their design processes by integrating design and test.  Armed with an integrated tool chain, engineers can more efficiently design, lay out, and test printed circuit boards.  The NI Electronics Workbench Group also provides professional-calibre tools used widely in academia to help students learn the fundamentals of circuits and electronics design.



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3. NI Multisim 10 and NI Ultiboard 10 for Professional Users

The version 10 platform of tools for electronics design marks a significant advance in the vision of tightly integrated design and test.  The platform, comprised of NI Multisim, NI Ultiboard, and measurement technology including NI LabVIEW and NI SignalExpress, introduces a large number of new professional design tools and methodologies in version 10.

Figure 1: NI Multisim 10


Advanced Simulation Tools and New Microcontroller Co-Simulation

You don’t need to be a SPICE expert to use Multisim.  Multisim provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to industry-standard SPICE engines, resulting in accurate simulation and analysis results.


1200+ New Components and 500+ New Models

The Multisim database continues to expand and improve with the addition of new models from leading IC manufacturers and a world-renowned author. NI Electronics Workbench Group has worked with Analog Devices, Texas Instruments and Linear Technology to model their analog parts, as well as with the leading expert on switch-mode power supply (SMPS) models, Christope Basso, to add over 150 new SMPS models to the Multisim database. In addition, enhancement to passive components enable easier component selection and definition of simulation parameters.


Improved Ultiboard Performance

NI Ultiboard 10 contains enhancements to the quality of the product, emphasizing an improvement to the overall design experience. The speed with which parts and traces are placed and moved has been enhanced for quicker board design. On-going quality improvements to the Utliboard database have translated to;

  • Improved landpattern shapes and sizes
  • Better integration with NI Multisim with an emphasis on the pin mapping from symbols to IC
  • Creation of all new landpatterns following IPC standard


Strengthened Design Community

The NI Electronics Workbench Group has worked with leading component vendors and other EDA software providers to deliver an open and integrated platform in Multisim 10.  Additionally, a wealth of new online resources provides assistance throughout your design projects. With this new community it is easier to collaborate online with other design engineers, and the download technical articles, circuit templates and more.


Streamlined Design Flow

NI Electronics Workbench Group provides the complete platform for professional PCB design:  Multisim for capture and simulation, Ultiboard for layout and routing, and LabVIEW for incorporating real-world measurements and instrument control. These highly-integrated tools create a seamless, efficient design platform for the user. 


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4. The Electronics Education Platform

Increased Ease-of-Use for Teaching

NI Multisim 10 delivers the strength of professional design, but also includes education-specific features to provide an engaging learning experience for students at all levels. Version 10 increases ease-of-use with features such as mouse-control of interactive components, a new current probe instrument, and more.


NI Multisim 10 forms the foundation of the NI Electronics Education Platform.  This platform combines NI Multisim with industry-standard NI LabVIEW measurement software, and the NI ELVIS prototyping workstation.  This integrated hardware and software platform provides a hands-on method for students to gain in-depth knowledge of electronics design theory and practice.

Figure 2 - Electronics Education Platform



Microcontroller Co-simulation

As a part of the Electronics Education platform, the Multisim MCU Module, formerly MultiMCU, provides an ideal environment for students to learn how a microcontroller works in digital electronics, computer architecture and other design applications. The Multisim MCU Module also offers a convenient and easy way for students to interface their MCU with the complete analog and digital system.



A Strong Commitment to Electronics Education

The National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group supports educators with materials to help you easily incorporate Multisim into your courses, including lab exercises, courseware, training manuals, textbooks, multimedia demos, and online user forums.

  • View fundamental resources, example circuits and user guides at the brand new NI Circuit Design Technical Library
  • View the NI Multisim Fundamental Circuits Series, which provides 7 chapters of detailed circuit examples on RLC circuits, diodes, transistors, amplifiers, operational amplifiers and filters, providing an easy way to teach circuits with interactive SPICE simulation


Improved Software Licensing & Delivery

With Version 10, NI is pleased to announce highly flexible licensing and activation options for educators, including the new NI Academic Site License Circuits Option, specifically designed for electronics education.   


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5. Now Available!

NI Multisim 10 and NI Ultiboard 10 are now available for both the professional and academic user! The extensive enhancements and new features have been developed with an emphasis on providing world-class design tools that are intuitive and easy-to-use at any stage of the design flow.

For more information on NI Electronics Workbench Group, NI Multisim or NI Ultiboard go online at and


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