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1. RF Summit

The Roadmap to Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity

Presented by Dr. Ahmad Bahai, CTO and Fellow, National Semiconductor, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of California Berkeley

Remarkable progress in submicron VLSI technology during the last two decades has helped engineers and academicians explore innovative digital and analog signal processing techniques. Ever increasing new features in modern wireless systems demand tremendous processing capabilities despite limited energy budgets. In this presentation from NIWeek 2006, explore the convergence of different wireless systems and their enabling technologies, particularly advances in signal processing and semiconductor technologies.

Developing Wireless Sensors

Presented by Jon Adams, Director of Radio Technology and Strategy, Wireless and Mobile Solutions Group, Freescale Semiconductor

Ubiquitous wireless sensors offer the potential for better control and monitoring of the environment, whether residential, industrial, commercial, or agricultural. This presentation from NIWeek 2006 pairs sensors with current and future wireless technologies, including ZigBee, Wi-Fi, and UWB.

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Telematics Test of Satellite and Terrestrial Radios 

Presented by:
Bill Lockett, Business Development Manager, Mindready
Dominique Fortin, Senior RF Engineer, Mindready

In this presentation from NIWeek 2006, learn how the Mindready Universal Radio Tester based on LabVIEW and the NI PXI-5671 RF vector signal generator use advanced techniques to stream content continuously while performing real-time modulation and signal impairments of multiple radio standards.

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Multiple Wireless Standards - One Platform 

Presented by Dr. James Truchard, President, CEO, and Cofounder, National Instruments

Learn about emerging wireless standards and PXI, a modular instrumentation standard, as a flexible test platform to meet the needs of fast-changing wireless devices. This presentation was recorded at NIWeek 2006.

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