Strategies for Building Intelligent Maintenance Systems

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Leading technology developers and expert practitioners of predictive maintenance have created a series of five Web Events focused on the development of intelligent maintenance systems. The series is intended for reliability and maintenance professionals who are tasked with developing consistent and cost-effective predictive maintenance programs. Details for each Web Event on Demand are listed below.

An Introduction to Intelligent Maintenance Systems
Presented by Dr. Jay Lee, Director of the Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems

To remain competitive in today’s global economy, businesses are adopting intelligent maintenance systems to reduce costs and lost productivity resulting from equipment failures. In this 45-minute web event on demand, you’ll learn about intelligent maintenance systems and the trends that make them a necessary subsystem in today’s plant operations.


Sound Advice in Ultrasonic NDT Test
Presented by Olympus NDT and National Instruments

Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is playing an increasing role in building intelligent predictive maintenance systems. In this 45-minute web event, you’ll learn how you can leverage new ultrasonic technologies to improve failure identification.


New Considerations for Vibration Monitoring
Presented by IMI Sensors and National Instruments

Off-the-shelf computing technologies have greatly improved the acquisition and analysis of machinery vibration. Learn how you can easily and cost-effectively connect, acquire, analyze, and present machinery vibration in this 45-minute web event.
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The Benefits of Power System Acquisition, Analysis and Dissemination
Presented by Dennis Erickson, IEEE Fellow and Power Systems Specialist

There are few products more critical to a complex society than electrical energy. Wide area blackouts caused by uncommonly high usage, natural causes, faulty designs or operating errors are catastrophic, but might be reduced to a minor inconvenience if proper ways to pacify or calm the system grid were employed. In this 45-minute live web event, you’ll learn the strategies and benefits of combining emerging technologies to use an intelligent maintenance system for improving the wide area power grid.
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Techniques for Automating Thermography
Presented by FLIR and National Instruments

Recent technology advancements and lower costs in infrared imaging have made it feasible for maintenance and reliability engineers to automate their thermal measurements. Participate in this 45-minute web event to learn ways to set-up, collect, analyze, and act on variations in machinery temperature.
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