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Safety in High-Voltage Environments (video: 5:19), NIWeek 2006 Keynote
This presentation shows why isolation is important for product safety and in protecting users from hazards posed by high voltages. Demos of high voltage testing, a.k.a. withstand or hipot, will be shown with alarming results. Don’t miss this one!

Isolation Technologies (video: 5:20) NIWeek 2006 Keynote
Isolation helps improve product measurement performance and accuracy. Isolation is especially important in adverse environments where common mode voltages and electrical surges are more common. Voltage measurement demo’s show how measurements are adversely affected with inadequate isolation and how test accuracy is maintained with proper isolation.

Safety and Isolation (audio: 13:04) NI Podcast, May 26, 2006
Listen to a discussion about isolation and safety considerations when selecting instrumentation. Learn how to avoid frying your new instrumentation hardware by applying too much voltage, and how to understand isolation specifications.

Safety Isolation & Certification for Measurement Instruments (video: 33:49) NI Webcast
With measurement device capabilities rising, oftentimes up to 1,000 volts, comes increased risk. This Webcast covers the basics of safety and isolation as a tool to protect users, eliminate product damage and limit measurement inaccuracies. The meaning of product safety marks (UL, TUV, VDE, etc) and the role of the CE marking is also discussed.


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