Installation Instructions for the Data Management Software Suite

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Here are instructions for installing and configuring the Data Management Software Suite, which includes DataFinder Server Edition, Analysis Server and DIAdem Professional. If you do not have a USB installer or have not downloaded the Data Management Software Suite installer you can do so here

These Instructions can also be downloaded as a PDF here.


The installation requires an Internet connection.

1. Start the installation through the USB interface.

Figure 1: Data Management Software Suite Installation Screen. 

2. Click Install DataFinder Server & Analysis Server 2017.

3. Follow the instructions of the installation program.

4. After the reboot, a configuration assistant will automatically start and lead you through the basic setup. Starting the wizard may take a few minutes. If the TDM Server Control Panel does not start, please start the application manually.

Figure 2: NI Web Server Configuration Assistant. 

5. A message box opens.

6. Click OK.

7. Please wait for the NI Web Server Guided Setup. Opening the associated configuration dialog box may take a few minutes. Select Help Me Choose a Preset to go through a series of questions to choose the right preset for your web server. Alternatively, select the server configuration preset to start with Insecure Remote Access if you want to access the TDM Server on your local network. The following steps describe the configuration with Insecure Remote Access.

Figure 3: NI Web Server Guided Setup preset. 


Select Insecure Remote Access only if you are sure that you will access the TDM Server from the same machine.

8. TDM Server as administrator. The user name for the web administrator is "admin" and cannot be changed.

Figure 4: Create the Admin User Password. 

10. Click Next.

11. Select the HTTP port. Change the default port number only if there is another web server that uses this port number.

Figure 5: Select the HTTP port. 

12. Click Next.

13. The configuration summary displays all configuration settings.

Figure 6: Configuration summary.

14. Click Finish

15. The TDM Server Control Panel dialog box opens in the wizard mode.

Figure 7: TDM Server Control Panel Web Server configuration.

16. If you want to review or modify your settings or if you want to make special settings, click Configure. If not, click Next.

17. Configure the account under which the server runs. Select how to log on. Select Local system account if you do not need to process any files on the network with the TDM Server Suite.

Figure 8: TDM Server User Account configuration.


18. Select This account and enter appropriate Windows credentials if you want to process any files on the network.

Figure 9: TDM Server User Account configuration using Windows credentials.

19. Click Continue>. Answer any further inquiries with Yes.

20. Select Evaluation and click Start Licensing Wizard to activate the license through TDM Server Licensing Wizard.

Figure 10: TDM Server Licensing Wizard.

21. Click Evaluate.

Figure 11: Select Evaluate.

22. Click Yes to extend the evaluation. 

Figure 12: Extend the evaluation.


23. Follow the instructions of the TDM Server Licensing Wizard. This requires an Internet connection. The wizard will ask you for your NI user account. Add all required pages as trusted sites.

24. After completing the installation go back to the TDM Server Manager.

Figure 13: Open the TDM Server Manager.


25. Click Open TDM Server Manager to open the TDM Server Manager in the default Internet browser. The user name for the web administrator is “admin”.

Figure 14: Log into the TDM Server Manager.


26. Login with the username and password you defined in the step TDM Server Account. Click TDM Server Manager to start setting up your new preprocessing and analysis routines.




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