Measurements and Instrumentation Hardware for Students

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Students need to understand and be able to use the measurement and instrumentation tools they will use after graduation. Outfitting labs with hardware that each student can use to familiarize him or herself with measurement and instrumentation techniques is more important than ever. Explore NI's solution to lab hardware then go further and allow the students to discover more by taking their experiments home and continuing with student hardware.

Table of Contents

  1. Lab Hardware
  2. Student Hardware

1. Lab Hardware


Instrumentation placed at every student’s fingertips. The NI ELVIS give students the power to measure and control electrical and mechanical systems with the 12 integrated instruments.

Instrumentation Courseware | Expanding the MechE curriculum


Need to teach with industry-standard benchtop equipment? VirtualBench puts 5 instruments in one device every student can use.

See it in action

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2. Student Hardware


Shrink down the NI ELVIS and put it in every student’s backpack. With the myDAQ students get a multi-function sensor acquisition and measurement instrument at the size of a calculator.

Evaluate myDAQ | Teaching sensor fundamentals


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